Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 30

“Are you proud?”

Gabe took his swimming lesson privately last night, and there was no screaming. Sure, there was some arguing of his cases (he was NOT about to put his face in the water, for instance), but for the most part, he was able to come to agreement with the teacher over the various ideas being introduced. …

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Mar 27


Sam is practicing for a class skit. Gabe is…being Gabe.

Mar 24

Love gifts

I finally got up to a not-so-nearby shopping center to exchange a running jacket Eric got me a while back, which I already had in the same color. I got the same darn jacket, only in a berry color instead of purple, because I love this jacket so much that having two of it is …

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Mar 23

Oh, yeah, a blog

So Eric is back from China. 🙂 This is a very good thing, though he’s still very much feeling the effects of the time change. Turns out it takes more than a night or two to recover from traveling to and from the other side of the world. He brought the boys toy robots and …

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Mar 18

Gabe’s “Fun Evening”

He wanted something fun, while Sam was away, so tonight we watched some “Sorceror’s Stone,” went out to eat, then hit a store, where we picked up a soccer ball and a t-ball glove and ball. (The boy’s gym teacher strongly recommended more home practice, especially for Sam.) Then we stopped by a park and …

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Mar 17

Down one kid

Or I will be, by this evening. Sam got invited on a trip to the Dells with a friend, and he’s spending the night with the friend tonight so they can leave early tomorrow morning. Gabe, naturally, is insanely jealous; I found out after the fact that he got Sam to ask his friend if …

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Mar 15


Sam’s asthma has gone into hyperdrive since this flu (from which he’s recovered now), and he’s been using his emergency inhaler a lot. I’m sort of at a loss about what to do to help him; normally, I’d call his allergist, but, well, he’s busy right now. 😯 So, we’re on the market for another …

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Mar 13


Eric made it to Shanghai all right, though exhausted. Talked to him this morning, as he was outside his hotel. “Since I got here, I’ve been offered six women, one [something I can’t remember], and two pens,” he said. “I guess that’s the thing here. Hey, hang on…” [off to the side] “No, no, thank …

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Mar 11

The sick house, plus a favor

Sam’s still sick. He spent the bulk of yesterday lolling around in various states of “yuck,” and this morning his fever was a solid 104, with achy hips and joints. Here we go for another day of rest. Gabe came home from school yesterday sobbing that his head hurt and he wanted to throw up. …

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Mar 10

Gabe Does Church

So we went to church for Ash Wednesday, and we got there early for choir practice. Sam fled for, presumably, the bathroom the moment we got in the door, but I heard the choir already practicing – late again! – so I grabbed Gabe by the hand and pulled him along behind me into the …

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