Apr 12

Required effort is extraordinary

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of “you” before the day runs out of “day”? I’m all done, and yet there’s still time left over. Feels like when I was a flute player, and that note would just have to be held to the end of the phrase, even as my diaphragm turned itself inside out in a search for stray bits of air.

It was a swimming lesson night. After discussing the matter with both the boys’ teachers, it’s safe to say that both of them will be repeating this class for another go-around. The upside is that Sam’s teacher says that, with the exception of one little girl, all the kids in the class will be repeating. I’m not sure what that says, but whatever; Sam’s more at peace with the idea of not graduating so long as he’s in the majority. Eric and I are looking at it as though it’s simply a two-semester class; the kids will all come away stronger for it. Despite his best efforts, Sam still sinks and sputters when he tries to paddle for more than ten or fifteen feet, and Gabe has only just screwed up the courage to swim a yard or so using a kickboard, the teacher standing an arm’s length away, in chin-deep water. But there are no more shrieks!

Had a moment of panic trying to leave the Y tonight, when I put my hand in my purse and found my keys were gone. At first, I thought it was just my house keys, and I guessed that I had left them on the table after having them out with me when I went for a run earlier today (six miles, no issues or points of note). But my car key was gone, too, and since I distinctly remembered having driven to the Y in the first place, I was flummoxed. The kids helped me search the ground and ask for help, but no key was found. I nearly dumped my purse in the search…and then I found the small hole in the lining of the pocket that had held my keys. (Oh, Mr. Choo, you let me down. 😆 ) Stuck a finger in there, and found both house and car keys. Oops.

Now Sam is working on a report on ancient Roman military, yet another assignment in the long line of growing topics designed to make me feel thoroughly ignorant and uneducated. Meh.

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  1. ashley

    Have him watch the final two episodes of Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens and the Big Bang. Then he can see (as character Amy Pond puts it “The hot blooded Italian invaders.”

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