Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 30

Memorial Day

I ran through the cemetery again this year, as is beginning to be a tradition for me on Memorial Day (occasionally, I’ll go run with the running club, instead, but I slept in a little later today, due to a bonfire with friends last night). As I was getting ready to go, though, Gabe woke …

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May 29

How To Tell When Boy Hormones are in Flux

Sam is working on a journal-type project. SAM: “Okay, I want to stop working.” ME: “How many days do you have left?” SAM: “…not counting days 14 and 15…five.” ME: “So, seven?” SAM: “Yeah.” ME: “You had nine left when you started. It’s taken you this long to do two, and at that speed, there’s …

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May 25

Days of Ivory

Fourteen years today since the day we said “I do” to each other. The fourteenth wedding anniversary is traditionally the “ivory” year, though we’re forgoing that (or any other material gift, opting instead to spend the afternoon together while the kids are in school). I laughed at the website that suggested that couples could take …

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May 21

The Mom Purse

ERIC: “My head hurts.” ME: “Aleve?” ERIC: “No, I can’t take that. Only Tylenol.” ME: “I need to stock that in the purse; I just have more use for anti inflammatories. They come in handy for other runners, too. I can help, because I have a Mom Purse! It has everything!” ERIC: “Do you have…a …

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May 16


I laughed out loud, a moment ago, reading my book. GABE: “What? What’s funny?” ME: “My book made me laugh.” GABE: “Tell me!” ME: “It’s complicated and long. I’d have to go back to the beginning.” GABE: “So? Go back!” ME: “It’s a grown-up’s book!” GABE: “Tell me now!” ME: “Well, okay…there’s a king who …

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May 15

Lonely again

Had Eric home for two and a half days. Flew in from Germany, did laundry and repacked, then dashed away this afternoon for Florida. So much wrong with that. I miss my husband, I miss my co-parent, and I wanna be someplace warm and sunny, too. Seriously, it might be getting a tiny bit sunnier …

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May 13


Realized I hadn’t heard the washing machine’s buzzer go off, signaling the end, though it was well past when it should have done so. Went downstairs; heard silence. Opened lid…and saw washer full of soapy water. It had stopped near the beginning of the cycle. Being mechanically minded, stared thoughtfully at it, closed lid, reopened …

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May 12

Just keep swimming

This week has felt sort of like stone sculpting: slow, laborious progress, but you just keep plugging away. Nothing new or major, anyway. Gabe dunked his face a couple of times in swimming class and didn’t cry or freak, which could probably count as major, if he hadn’t been so nonchalant about it that I …

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May 09

Race Report: Lake Geneva Half, plus Mother’s Day

Okay, so in retrospect, there probably had to have been a better way to handle the Lake Geneva Half Marathon than how I did it, but I’m not sure what it would have been. I was sort of between a rock and a hard place; I needed to get in twenty miles for the day, …

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May 04

Wait for it…wait for it…

At least it’s not a full marathon I’m waiting, with bated breath, to see if I’ll be running in rain or not this weekend. Remember, back before my injury string, I was planning on this being my spring marathon weekend, where I tackled the Lake Geneva race. Still doing an event in Lake Geneva, only …

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