Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 30

Eventful morning, so far

It’s 7:30 AM. To wit, since waking, I have: – Swam 1400 yards – Washed and dried a load of clothing – Emptied out a chest freezer full of rotten food, which got unplugged some unidentified time in the past without notice – Aided Eric in vacuuming out the…liquid, we’ll call it. – Mopped the …

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Jun 29

Small updates

Sam has, I hope finally settled into a summer school class. He took a week of a science class before they decided to cancel it, since there were only two kids enrolled in it, and they offered him his choice from several others; he decided that a sports one sounded fun, but he came home …

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Jun 25

Basement update

(Moment I came upstairs, Sam demanded to watch the video, giggling, “Do I really sound like that?” 😀 And the little rocking chair was safe from catastrophe, too.)

Jun 21

Irksome neighborhood stuff

So my boys traipsed over to their friend’s house (the only real playmate they’ve got on our street, mind, the others having found my basic backyard rules, which boil down to “don’t be a jerk,” way too restrictive 🙄 ), and they came back sad. Sam was sad because K. had to finish her chores …

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Jun 19

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband, the father of our awesome little men. We love you so much! And to my own dad, who I miss so much and cannot wait to see in a few weeks. Happy Father’s Day to you, too!

Jun 18

Give me space

It’s no secret that we’re, shall we say, less than fond of this house. It should also be no secret to anybody who’s watched more than a couple of news shows, glanced at a newspaper, or, heck, driven through their neighborhood and noticed at signs in people’s yards that selling a home right now is …

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Jun 17

A Decade of Sam

Well, somebody had the audacity to wake up ten years old this morning. Can you believe that? The nerve! I told him to knock it off right this instant and go back to being the little ball of baby he’s supposed to be, but he just giggled at me! In a voice that, while not …

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Jun 14

The milestones you don’t want

Tonight, after swimming, I got to have a Super-Cool Fun Moment with Sam, when he came out of the locker room and informed me that he read some graffiti on a locker that looked mean. And, just like that, he had his first exposure to “the N word.” 😯 (Lucky for us, nobody was standing …

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Jun 13

Here comes a summer

And just like that, school’s out for the year, and vacation ends/begins. (How is it that I never fully appreciated just how much of an anti-vacation summer is for parents when I was a kid? Mom and Dad never seemed more stressed than usual during the summer…but, then again, I suppose they weren’t as shy …

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Jun 09

Little Man Worry

Gabe’s kindergarten class staged their “graduation” ceremony yesterday. It was an in-class thing, with no parents, so I have no idea what he did besides get a graduation cap and a diploma…and pick up a brand-new set of anxieties. “I’m scared,” he mumbled this morning, curled into a corner of the rocking chair. “I’m scared …

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