Jun 01

Oh, baby

Just made these for a choir potluck tonight. Started as a thing where I thought, okay, I’m making my own baked beans to take tonight, because in years past, all kinds of beans showed up and smelled so gosh-darn good but were full of meat, so instead of feeling sad, I’ll bring vegetarian ones. So that was settled, but I wanted to bring something else, too, and since my mind was wandering along vegetarian/vegan options anyway (I’m making the beans from The Veganomicon), it landed on Katie’s Fudge Babies and how I’d been wanting to make them for a long while.

I went with the Cashew Cookie Bar and the Peanut Butter ones, since, truthfully, I don’t really like the Larabar recipes that combine dates and chocolate. It’s never either “chocolatey” or “datey” enough for me; the flavors fight and both lose, in my book. No chocolate in my “babies,” then. 😉 And they are goooooood. Oh, good heavens. Too easy, too. This could get dangerous. On the other hand, they have just about perfect proportions for long trail-running fuel (I know lots of people who use trail mix, dried fruit, or even Fig Newtons already), so now I’m wondering about that…

Have to get started on these beans now. 🙂

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