Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 30

Wrapping my mind around it

You’d think by now that I’d have come to terms with the idea that come November, I’m going to be running for fifty miles in a single day. And I think I have, sort of, only not in the way I came to terms with running other races. For those, I was usually in a …

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Jul 26

This is what I’m dealing with

Gabe doesn’t like bugs. At best, he can appreciate the tiny ones from a safe distance, as long as he’s not blocked from any escape routes and has a weapon at hand to annihilate; at worst, he goes completely feral, shrieking unintelligibly and flailing in terror. It’s a long-running fear; our first experience with it …

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Jul 21


Ah, the faces of the heat wave. The manic, tired eyes and the humidity-wrecked hair…the sweat sheen that never dissipates…the pupils dilated from the sugar rush you get when you try to medicate with ice cream…the brain frazzled from the complaining and whines that inevitably follow said sugar crash…And we’re all snapping at each other …

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Jul 20

Feeling hot, hot, hot

So, we’re in the middle of a heat wave. My beloved Carolinas-dwelling brother has implied that I ought not be whiny about it, considering what other parts of the country have, but…well, this is Wisconsin. When one puts up with a snow season that lasts from October through April, one expects a certain amount of …

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Jul 12

I’m in.

Bib #210. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to go barf.

Jul 07

End Radio Silence

Miss me? 🙂 Mom and Dad left earlier, after an awesome week of visiting. Lots went on, including beach visits, a trip to Lake Geneva, Independence Day festivities, and all sorts of fun. Hardly had a moment that wasn’t filled with joy and activity! Only “down side” this week has been that I haven’t run. …

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