Monthly Archive: August 2011

Aug 30

Shot through the heart

Last night, midway through dinner, Sam started complaining of a headache. I suspected it was due to the infinitesimal pile of collard greens that remained on his plate, so I murmured that such a bad headache might necessitate an early bedtime. To my surprise, he agreed and trotted upstairs. I followed him, and he was …

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Aug 26

More check-ups, and zucchini

Well, that’s one more kind of medical office Gabe has screamed down. (How many more until he collects the whole set?) But his vision is just right for his age. I had no fears on that front, but when Sam was in for his vision checkup earlier this week, I asked when it would be …

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Aug 24

Wordless Wednesday – Look, Ma, no cavities

(But we won’t talk about the dental hygienist who asked me, right in front of him, whether the whimpering, upset Gabe was autistic.)

Aug 22


Last night, Gabe came up from the basement, where he and Sam were playing a video game, to make Sam a sandwich. “I agreed to be his servant for two days,” he informed me, “because I wanted him to do a mission in the game. Butt don’t worry. He’ll forget by tomorrow morning.” Perhaps Sam …

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Aug 18


Ever get slightly unnerved by your kids? We were watching the construction crew across the street demolish an old driveway. A forklift was loading slabs of concrete onto a pickup truck, where a couple of guys attacked them with sledgehammers to break them into smaller pieces. Gabe looked thoughtful. “I’ve always wanted a sledgehammer,” he …

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Aug 16

Tuesday Blues-day

Feeling oddly out-of-sorts, I am, though there’s no particular reason I can see. Well, there’s little stuff; my shoulder has been twitching madly – visibly! – since yesterday afternoon, and it is driving me crazy. A little bit ago, the back of my forearm, behind and below the twitch, just started aching. Dunno if that’s …

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Aug 12

Miss me?

I’m back! Or, since I didn’t say I was going anywhere (safety precautions), I’m…here. 😉 We just spent several days in the Dells, at Great Wolf Lodge, with the in-laws, taking in the water parks and other tourist attractions. It was a blast! Sam has grown so much more adventurous since the first time we …

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Aug 06

Aw, bless my heart

Got talked “down” to twice today, and neither time was for when I really deserved it. I was at running club this morning, and one of our regulars brought a friend with him. I could tell from a distance what the guy was, in his mud-covered trail shoes, compression calf sleeves, bottle waistpack, and big …

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Aug 06


I was running a little behind, leaving running club, so I had to grab my clean clothes and plan to shower at the Y while the boys were in swimming lessons. ME: “…so you guys just go straight to the pool, and I’ll be in after I clean up, since I smell like a dead …

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Aug 05

Temper, temper

As I was telling Eric yesterday, Gabe and I come up with a lot of strategies to help tame his anger, but I’m not sure anything actually really helps. For one thing, even though some things we try to tend to end with him feeling better, he has to calm down enough to listen to …

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