Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 31

Race Report: Skeleton Skamper Half-Marathon…Marathon

As I wrote before, since the training plan called for my last real long run to be 26 miles, I opted to amuse myself by doing a local half-marathon twice. I even got a cheap entry fee into the race, through one of those group discount specials sites, so it looked like a really good …

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Oct 25

The Dangers of Book Larnin’

So I got a wild thought last night, and this morning, I read the boys Poe’s “The Raven.” They seemed to mostly get it (though Gabe kept jumping in with requests for clarification: “It took his SOUL?”), and then I showed them The Simpsons’ version, and they loved it. Now, though, Sam keeps “gently rapping” …

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Oct 23

WtRS Episode 26: Lost on the Trails

Um…miss me? Well, I’m back, with lots of news to share. Sorry about the wind noise in the beginning… Music on the show comes from my friend Scott Simons, as well as the Podsafe Music Network. Tracks used were: 42 shades of grey – State Unsteady Scott Simons – Keep On You can subscribe through …

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Oct 19

This kid o’ mine

“So, how does it feel to be seven?” “I don’t feel different yet. I still feel six.” “Well, what’s the difference?” “When I’m seven, I’ll feel all excited and hyper. I won’t feel seven until I’ve blown out my candle.” “Well,” I yawned, “Then you won’t be seven until late tonight, because you’re not having …

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Oct 15

Race Report: St. Pat’s 24-Hour

That was a FUN race! I mean, sure, I was wiped at the end, and there were moments where I felt more tired than others, but seriously – fun was had. The course was a little over three miles, and it was over groomed grass, dirt, and a small amount of asphalt. There was one …

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Oct 14

Drinkin’ my coffee, checkin’ my email

Caribou this morning, since we ran plumb out of beans here at home, and do you think I could go for a morning without? Ha. Think again, son. So tomorrow is race day, and as of the official registration cut-off, I stand as the only runner for six hours. This made me fire off an …

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Oct 13

Okay, okay, I’m here

An interesting thing I’m discovering is that recovery from running a whole bunch of miles every week takes concentrated effort sometimes, and something that hinders recovery is sitting. Like I would in front of a computer. 😐 So I’ve been trying to do less of that lately, but it means less documentation of what’s going …

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