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Nov 30

WtRS Episode 28: JFK

The long and the short (mostly long) of it, plus the gory aftermath. Well, perhaps not gory, but definitely a mess. Music on the show comes from the Podsafe Music Network. Tracks used were: 42 shades of grey – State Unsteady Ella Fitzgerald – Get Happy You can subscribe through iTunes or Zune, or download …

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Nov 25

More doctor fun

Had my follow-up check with my doctor this morning. As I suspected, the new doctor hadn’t given her the whole story; she was under the impression that I was still peeing blood when I showed up, which, yeah, would have totally warranted sending me to the ER. HER: “Blood in the urine is pretty bad…” …

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Nov 24


Here’s the thing: the boys elected, when asked their opinion, to have a later Thanksgiving dinner today than an earlier one, so the meal preparation has been happening through the day, leaving me to wander through the kitchen, trying not to snack (oh, pearl onions; you seduce my heart completely) but contenting myself with sips …

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Nov 23

Recovery underway

I can walk down stairs forward-facing without first steeling my nerves against the first drop! 😉 Go, me! Actually, at this point, most of the ordinary muscle soreness has abated. If my shoulder and knee weren’t aching from the falls, I would almost certainly be gearing up to (slowly) trot through either the 2-mile or …

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Nov 22

JFK Aftermath

In retrospect, my mistake came when I decided that the need for expediency trumped the security of the familiar. (Or, “Carrie learns a valuable lesson about public perception.”) So I mentioned I hurt my shoulder, right? And that I was going to the doctor when I got home? Well, yesterday morning, I called my doctor’s …

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Nov 20

Race Report: JFK50

Wow. Ow. More wow, more ow. There are no words that can adequately describe the experience of running that thing. Seriously. Also? Ow. Flew into Maryland, got to Hagerstown; went to the expo to get my race bib. I had prepared my parents for a teeny-tiny “expo,” since their only experience with a race expo …

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Nov 18

On a plane

Never done the whole “Go Go” airplane wireless thing before. I’m in the air, somewhere over…oh, who knows. Not Wisconsin anymore, probably, and not yet Maryland. On my way, and on a very uneventful flight, so far. Sam was scared of me flying. Gabe was terrified of me falling off a mountain during the race. …

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Nov 17

Two days until JFK


Nov 15

Happy Holidays

Warning: small kids struggle on occasion with the differences between fantasy and faith, and that can cause them to leap over the line from funny to South-Park-level “Holy crap, blasphemer, look out for the lightning.” If you don’t get that, might want to skip this one. Just sayin’. It seems that Gabe takes his holidays …

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Nov 13

Frame of mind

When I ran St. Pat’s last month (too lazy to link while blogging on a phone in bed – yes, again), I felt wonderful, even after over thirty miles. Glorious. Thrilled to be out there. It felt like heaven, if exhausting; the two feelings could, and did, coexist. That’s the feeling I want. I’ve been …

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