Nov 08


Probably shouldn’t bother posting tonight, as I’m already in bed, halfway to sleep, and I know I have nothing of worth to say right now, but I’m unwilling to give up my November posting streak.

Gabe’s “reluctance” (yes, let’s call it that) to take his medicine continues. Tonight, flipping Sam took over the role of cajoler, and that worked about as well as it does for Eric or me; Sam pushed hard with the “I’ll play video games with you if you take it,” and eventually Gabe caved. I can’t believe we have to keep this up for about another week…

Spent a chunk of time this afternoon annotating an elevation chart of the JFK course with aid stations, cut-off times, and possible paces. Obsessing? Who, me? I’d say it’s how I’m staying sane, but I’m pretty sure sanity is a realm I left long ago. (A cut-off I didn’t miss.)

Sleepy now.


  1. Erica

    Antibiotic? How does he feel about shots? I hated(hate) them and would(will) drink whatever nasty formulation the pharmacy can cook up at the threat of an injection.

  2. Carrie

    I told him about the shot option; he actually considered it. But it’s getting better, little by little!

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