Dec 11

I miss my husband

And I’ve overcompensated for that, I realize now, by making and decorating cookies with the kids (pre-shaped and frozen ginger cookies, but SHUT UP), making their most recent favorite meal (pork chop sandwiches; I don’t try to understand the fascination), and enjoying perhaps one too many glasses of wine myself tonight. Oh, well. My penance is having to continually retype each word of this entry. Freaking typos. 😉

Anyway, I also bought a bunch of mixed nuts today, out of some sort of weird sentimental urge; my grandpa always had a bowl of mixed nuts out during the holiday season (or was it all the time, and I only associate it with now?), with one of those cheap metal nutcrackers in it. Had to buy one of those, too, and the little metal picks that come with it. Gabe is entranced. He doesn’t particularly like nuts, mind, but he’s very impressed with his ability to smash open walnuts. “I must be the strongest person on the planet!” he says, cracking open the nuts and handing over their contents to his brother, who doesn’t like cracking nuts but who finds them tasty. He calls the walnuts “Boss Nuts,” and he defeats them handily, crowing his victories loudly.

Neither child likes the cinnamon candies I got to put on the cookies. So, yay for pork chops, boo for cinnamon, and a mixed judgment on nuts. I’ll take it, I suppose.

Send more walnuts, pork chops, and wine! And pray for Saturday, and Eric’s plane to get here soon. 🙂

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  1. Anne

    Yes, it’s going to be a very very long week for you. Thank god for kids’ bedtime, right? 😉


    PS – Let Gabe know that his evil laugh made me giggle.

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