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Dec 19

Someone keeps moving my chair

I have felt off-kilter for days now. A favorite teacher once sighed about me that I spent all my time running around “putting out little fires,” rather than just keeping fires from starting in the first place through better planning. I’ve never really gotten consistently better at that, though I have tried. Usually, it winds …

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Dec 16

Where was I? I forgot the point that I was making…

I think I can write again. I’ve spent the last couple of days beginning things such as, “Gabe had his first violin concert, unlike twenty kids in Conneticut…”, or, “Sam is at a holiday party, which won’t bring back babies to their moms and dads, or teachers to their families…”, or even, “Taking a few …

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Dec 13

Speed and Velocity

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. I like boot camp. Today, the best/worst part was probably the core work; the instructor had us alternating between pushups and bicycle crunches, starting with ten of each, then nine, then eight, and so on, without break. When we got down to one, we started working our way back …

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Dec 11

Hello, I’m the one who loves you so

“Master’s home!” ::leap!:: “He’s HOME!” ::leap, leap!:: “I am so happy!” A BLUR OF JOY. “I missed you so, so, so MUCH!” CAN’T GET CLOSE ENOUGH. “So…can we go for a walk now? You and me? Us guys?” Never leave again…

Dec 10

You can’t run away

In, two, three… Out, two three… In, two, three… Out, two, three… When I run, I use breathing patterns to guide my effort level – not strictly, but as a general gauge. If I want to keep it easy, I breathe in or out every three steps. If I’m working harder but still want to …

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Dec 09

Drugs from Pakistan?

(Title has nothing to do with anything except that Gabe has been listening to “No!” almost constantly for over a week now, and he’s singing the songs everywhere he goes, and some of the lyrics get a bit interesting in his interpretation. It took me a while to figure out why he was chanting about …

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Dec 08

Go go go go for G

He insists on looking more and more like “Degrassi, Wisconsin Edition.” Somebody make him stop getting older, please? Missed a couple of days. A couple of years ago, something like that would have niggled at me quite a lot, but, interestingly, I think I may have finally gotten closer to what those who are “in …

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Dec 05

Behind a wooden door, the voice of Thomas Alva

I’m feeling particularly, spectacularly, uncreative today, so instead of trying to get showy with words, I’ll do something that I’ll probably regret and post videos instead. Today was bed linen changing day, you see, and I remarked on Facebook how interesting it was that while Sam’s sheets were redolent of “preteen boy” and all the …

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Dec 04

Which describes how you’re feeling all the time

6AM: the alarm goes off. Get out of bed immediately, hit the bathroom, slap in contact lenses. Fill laundry basket, take it downstairs, start a load. Make Sam’s breakfast, have it in his hand and him out the door by 6:30. Unload the dishwasher. Pour a cup of coffee. Sip it gratefully while doing Bible …

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Dec 03

I am not your broom

According to my dog, this mop is evil incarnate. Or made of something delicious. Possibly both. Somebody tracked something sticky into the kitchen. It’s not so clear-cut as a simple spill; no, it’s a series of small, extremely sticky spots, invisible, yet undeniable. I say “series,” mind, because the spots are spaced far enough apart …

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