Monthly Archive: January 2012

Jan 17

What our words say about us

Apparently, sometime in the wee hours of yesterday morning, some avian creature met its demise in my backyard. Not that I’d know, of course; my personal knowledge come strictly from the news conveyed to me from my aghast and wide-eyed sons. Sam came running to the door to give me all the gory details – …

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Jan 16

Planning again

Sitting here with my little datebook in hand, making plans for races and training. It’s pickier when the races are shorter distances; there are more of them, so planning overlaps sometimes and needs tweaking, and the plans themselves involve speedwork, which then requires calculating the interval repeats into total mileage in my head to estimate …

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Jan 14

Old, old, old

Among other things making me feel decrepit and ancient, we had the second middle school orientation. I don’t feel quite as frantic as I did when we were struggling to keep Sam out of his home elementary school; this middle school, although huge and with a reputation toward conform-or-be-bullied, sort of has the flavor of …

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Jan 11

Mommy needs a recess

Told Mom I was going to make this shirt. She could have one, too, I said, since it affects her like it affects me; obviously, if I’m old enough to be sitting in a gymnasium for a freaking middle school orientation, then she, as my mother, must be ancient. 😉 But for real. This kid …

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Jan 05

Bon matin (or something)

I am surprisingly not hungover this morning. I say “surprisingly” because the Orange Bowl was last night, and my beloved Mountaineers were up against Clemson, and I got this great idea from a sign outside a local restaurant that we would do touchdown shots when West Virginia scored. (One part Jäger, three parts Rumchata. You’re …

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