Mar 29


Is it possible to feel wiped out and yet invigorated by that exhaustion at the same time? If so, that’s where I am. My schedule is getting SO BUSY, and sometimes it feels like a deck of cards, ready to collapse if I let go of CONSTANT VIGILANCE, but it’s all good, I think. Gabe and Sam are both still swimming, and now Gabe has started playing basketball through the Y, which means one evening practice a week and a game each Saturday. Sam is running, training for his triathlon and for a 5K in a few weeks; I run with him three times a week doing that, which I can fit in during Gabe’s basketball practice and during his swimming lesson (which has been moved to just after Sam’s class ends, due to the level of protestation Gabe was giving, which was distracting for the other kids in his class; now he’s in a private lesson, and he’s doing much better), as well as on the weekend.

(Side note: I didn’t put two and two together about how tired I was, given the relatively manageable level of my own running mileage, until I realized that I’m actually doing 6-7 more miles a week on top of that with Sam. Okay, that makes more sense now.)

Sam’s doing so incredibly well, now that the weather’s turning a bit milder, and Gabe is scary in how he morphs into this Big Kid when he’s working outside our family unit. He got pegged hard in the face with the basketball during the last practice, and I watched him reel and stagger…and hold in his tears until he was “safely” away from the other kids after practice ended before letting out his cries. Nobody told him to be tough, but he felt compelled to act the role, which is so strange for me to see. I think I might have cried, honestly; it made a big smack as it hit him, and we all winced.

And then there’s church stuff (Holy Week coming up, so extra choir practice), school stuff (apparently, it’s field trip season), and lots of other little activities sprinkled in, and it’s getting harder and harder to make sure everybody is where they’re supposed to be and doing what they need to be doing, but at the same time, it’s neat to see all these things happening in their lives, isn’t it? Love seeing them make choices and grow. 🙂

As for me, as I said, I’m running moderate mileage, but I’m sticking to my guns about the resolution I made early in the year about working on speed. I ran another 5K this month, a couple of weeks ago, and was mildly disappointed not to have made much improvement since the Run Into the New Year; I actually finished in 25:44, which is slower – but, then the RINY 5K was on a flat course, whereas this one had a couple of big climbs and featured winds gusting near 40mph in parts. (I actually ran part of this course way back in 2008, and I was hoping I remembered the hills wrong, having been in worse shape then…my memory was, sadly, accurate.) Okay, so I’ll cut myself some slack on the time, but the part where I was disappointed is how I allowed myself to slow down so much when I began feeling tired in the middle. Unacceptable. Therefore, I’m bumping up the intensity a little with speed training. Ow, tempo runs hurt…

Like I mentioned, Sam has a 5K in a few weeks, and I’m doing it, too, of course. I’m looking forward to celebrating with him no matter how I do, myself. That’ll make up for any wind-sucking I have to do. Really, 5Ks are hard, if you do them “right.” Now I remember why I liked going longer…

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  1. diane

    Wow, sounds like life is busy! Wondered if we would hear from you before the end of the month 😀 How cool is it that Sam is following your example and running? Can’t believe Gabe is old enough to be playing basketball…

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