Apr 01


IMPORTANT: I’m posting this everywhere I can, trying to reach family and family friends who read. Just got woken a little while ago by an emergency text from Mom and Dad, and now that I can’t sleep for worrying anyway…

(Note: it’s a good thing I finally got texting turned on when I got my new phone! Never needed it before, and neither have my parents much, but I guess it came in handy for them tonight!)

Mom and Dad are in England, stuck. I knew they were going on a trip soon, with Mom retiring, but I didn’t have any details, so it was a surprise to hear they were there. Well, my grandma and her sister used to do that sort of thing, take off for Scandinavia and not tell anybody, so maybe it’s not so weird. But here’s the thing: they got mugged. They’re okay, thank goodness! But…no money or passports anymore, and thus no way to get home or to pay their hotel. Mom’s flipping out, not even spelling words right (and if you know Mom, you know that’s practically unheard of).

I couldn’t get hold of Eric, who’s out, but I managed to figure out how to use Western Union to send some money their way. That should help, though I’m not sure it’ll be enough; don’t know a thing about passports, and Mom says they may need more money to replace them? She’ll text again soon, she said.

Man, this is nerve-wracking. 🙁

So send some thoughts their way; hopefully, we can get them home soon. And, tangentially, I bet good ol’ Myrtle Beach looks pretty sweet as a vacation spot to them at this point. Sun, golf, and no passports required. Oh, well. Didn’t get any details about why they chose England in the first place, but maybe we have family there (I got an email last week about a distant relation there who I’d never even met who left me some money – a lucky thing, under present circumstances…).

Might try to sleep now, waiting for the next message.


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  1. michele

    Well done. 🙂

  2. Cate

    So glad they seem safe for the moment. You are the only bright spot in the day, which always seems to be so confusing and upsetting to so many.a

  3. Robyn

    Ha!! Nice try!! Lol

  4. Anne

    🙂 well done

  5. Susan

    Are you sure it is them? My mom got a call a couple of years ago and was told my son was out of the country and needed money. They did not call me. I could have told my mom he was in the states. She had 5000.00 bucks wired to him. Was not him.

    We just pray they are safe!!

  6. Jen

    I blame lack of early morning coffee. For the first time in a long time, you got me! Awesome!

  7. Kelly @ Dream. Strive. Succeed.

    Oh, Carrie, I look forward to these posts. 🙂

  8. DangitAnge

    I’m so not buying it….

  9. Starr Anderson

    Almost as good as the tattoo and the desert run. 😀

  10. Susan

    😳 Just got it!! April fools!

  11. Evelynne

    DARN IT, CARRIE!!!! You ALWAYS get me!!! EVERY TIME!

    I was actually checking out the comments to see what kind of advice people were giving for this sort of situation, and then I saw the date stamp.

  12. Stephanie

    Hmmm…not as good as some in the past, but only because I got the same email from a customer of mine. Thought it was strange that they’d email me for help, but whatevs! 🙂

  13. Michele

    Every year I take a look to see what you might be up to ;).

  14. JOY

    You got me, AGAIN!!!!!! I INSTANTLY went into “worry mode’ for you and your parents. I’m going to mark my calendar for next year…I won’t be had again 😀

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