Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 30


Hi. I’m the new guy. Starting at the present, skipping over the backstory for a few moments, I’ll go ahead and introduce to you our new pack member. This is Gideon. He’s a baby, only nine weeks old, and he’s part Australian Cattle dog and part Labrador Retriever, according to the shelter. He’s also from …

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…as the day is long…


– Ran 11 miles, half of which were cross-country and trail;
– Painted the basement walls
– Painted the porch pillar and the repaired tuck pointing in the foundation
– Mowed the lawn
– Repainted the bathroom door, where Gabe threw a fit and bashed it because Sam was taunting him on the other side
– Got stuck in traffic due to an incredibly bloated 5K being held downtown, directly in front of the church where the kids had play practice
– Felt like collapsing. Several times.

For the record, ventilation when painting is hugely overrated. The dancing spiders in the basement agreed with me, just before offering to choreograph me into their strange yet beautiful reel…

May 17

One more (half) sleep

SpongeBob doesn't even wear a watch

Eric’s been away this week on business, but he gets back in the wee hours tonight, so YAY. I’m in that wildly swinging state of mind that comes from the exhaustion of not sleeping (“What was that bump downstairs? WAS IT A BURGLAR?!”) and the hopped-up boredom of having spoken to…well, have I spoken face-to-face …

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May 16


Gabe as robot

Sometimes life gets so big, and so busy, and so exhausting, from the big to the small things, ceiling to floor, that at the end of the day, sitting back and going through it all in your head seems too much. “I don’t have the energy to remember it all” you say to yourself. “I …

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