Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 30

Cookie in one hand, wig on her head

When you’re tired enough, they begin to dance for you, much like the animated Burger Dude in “Better Off Dead.” Only with roundhouse kicks. A word of advice: when a cookie swap calls for more than, say, a couple dozen cookies (in fact, let’s say, three times that number), there is much to be said …

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Nov 28

Please pass the milk, please

Note the lurking mongrel in the back. Ninjabread Man has ways of dealing with him… (Cue dramatic strings!) Sarah, this is a Ninjabread cookie. Well, it’s a ninjabread cookie in the buff. Haven’t decorated him yet. Was up until eleven last night making about a hundred of him, so you’ll forgive me if I didn’t …

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Nov 26

(Sapphire) Bullets


Let’s come back with a bang, shall we? Bullet points! Bullets of pure…(love ya, Jennifer) reasons why I’m pretty freaking grouchy right now. Thanksgiving was the suck. Sorry, I know I’m supposed to look at things all positive and crap, be all, “Oh, at least we were together, ::heartsandponies::!” but it just was. I came …

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Nov 03

Two in a row!

“You don’t seem to get ‘fetch,’ Mistress. You’re supposed to throw it…but first you have to *get* it.” A rare treat this morning: I slept in until 7:00! On a normal Saturday, I would ordinarily have been at running club long before then, but my race is tomorrow; I had planned to meet a friend …

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Nov 02

More to say

"Whaddya mean, 'couch hog'? You have a whole foot of space."

Okay, okay, I’ll write! Just don’t hurt me! The thing about hiatuses hiatusses hiati? time off is that it’s hard to get restarted. Inertia is a powerful thing, for better or for worse. Also, I’ve entered that period that all parent bloggers seem to enter, sooner or later, that always mystified me in an aggravating …

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