Dec 05

Behind a wooden door, the voice of Thomas Alva

I’m feeling particularly, spectacularly, uncreative today, so instead of trying to get showy with words, I’ll do something that I’ll probably regret and post videos instead. Today was bed linen changing day, you see, and I remarked on Facebook how interesting it was that while Sam’s sheets were redolent of “preteen boy” and all the negative associations that carries (his brother once walked into his room one night and screamed, “Dude! Your room REEKS!”), Gabe’s sheets were heady with scents of chocolate, orchid, and amber. Apparently, young Gabriel likes my body lotion and has been applying it liberally at night to his dry legs. I offered him some lotion specifically designed to help with itchy dry skin, but he claimed to hate the smell.

“It’s unscented,” I said.

“I know!” he replied.

Anyway, after changing the beds, I took a little video of both rooms. I give up there, honestly. I’ve had them clean them, I’ve cleaned them myself…within a day, they’re back to this. In fact, they’re back almost exactly to this, down to the last stuffed animal, which is both scary and probably important. Just know that it hurts me more than it hurts you, looking at this.

“Don’t look at me. I clean my crate just fine.”

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  1. Stephanie

    I laughed out loud that Gabe has the front guard off his fan. My wonderful husband has done that to every fan in our house “Because it blows more air.” Sigh….maybe some of us DON’T enjoy sleeping in a vortex. Just sayin’….

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