Apr 02

Do it faster, makes us stronger?

I could be a bodybuilder if I wanted to…

You have to imagine me speaking as Mr. Heckles here.

You have to imagine me speaking as Mr. Heckles here.

::snort:: Seriously, I think I only got my parents this year, and that, right there, is a scary thing. My folks can visualize me totally chucking the running and going all beefcake. It’s either a testament to their faith in me, or else it reflects the fact that nothing I could do could surprise them anymore. Probably both.

Today’s hemo draw had me at 10.1, which means it’s sort of hovering around right now, but it’s not falling! I wish it would go up again, but that can take time. I also talked to a nurse during one of my stays who some time ago had gone through a traumatic blood loss, had transfusions, and now her “new normal” is a few points low; it’s been well under 12 for years, but steady. I don’t want that to be the case for me, but if I stayed steady in the 10s, they wouldn’t transfuse me to get me to 12; 10 would be considered good enough, I suppose. Popping my iron pills, injecting my B12, crossing my fingers.

The kids were back in school today, after a long Easter weekend, so it was pretty quiet. Gideon always mopes a bit when most of the family heads back to work and school after a weekend, and today wasn’t unusual in that regard. I feel like he could finally be getting over the weirdness that affected him while I was in and out of the hospital; he became quite edgy about people coming into or near our house. Perhaps seeing me carried out twice on stretchers by EMTs with noisy radios and big bags of supplies was too much for him? But he seems to be relaxing a bit, which is a relief. Now, if only I could get him to remember some of the other manners he forgot while I was away and the family was too stressed and busy to do much practicing.

"Manners, hah. That's very funny, coming from a person who can't even keep her blood where it belongs."

“Manners, hah. That’s very funny, coming from a person who can’t even keep her blood where it belongs.”

I should probably put something away now. This place is a disaster.

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