Jun 10

State of the…

I make a crappy college student. About a month into my summer break, with a few more weeks to go before the Double the Trouble, Double the Fun Summer Class Extravaganza starts, and I’m just over it. Antsy to get started again. Feel like I’m wasting time, somehow, in the grand scale. Maybe it’s because I started in the spring instead of the fall, so I don’t feel like I really needed a whole bunch of time off yet.

Anyway, perhaps I shouldn’t get too keen; the book for the second of the two classes arrived from Amazon yesterday, and it looks…well, it looks like the literary equivalent of Ambien. I can’t even get the teeniest bit enthusiastic for this thing. Tried reading a few sentences and was simultaneously horrified by the poor writing – not bad grammar or anything; more like it desperately needed an editor to take a machete to the thing – and bored to tears almost from the first words. Gah. I’m going to try not to just treat it like a consult-as-needed reference book, but it’s going to require massive amounts of coffee, I fear.

And the assignments have me intimidated from the other direction. He’s only posted one, and it looks creepily easy: sort of a “using these resources, find an article about this topic” kind of thing. If there’s no maniacal laughter at the end of path (“Hee-hee! There’s only one article in existence, and it’s in Urdu!”), then I’m almost disappointed…except that there’s a “Now write an essay about what you learned doing this assignment” component. Um, I learned that I’m 38, already have one master’s degree, and know full well how to find information on a topic?


Turning that into a full-page essay might be the most difficult part of the assignment. I assume the assignments will become more challenging, of course. I hope. Short, quickly done is good; busy work, not so much. Discussion is a big part of these classes, so I have to have something to discuss. Haven’t heard anything from the other class’s instructor yet. Hope she comes up with a syllabus soon, so I have time to get whatever book she assigns. (Please be a better book, please be a better book…)

The kids are still in school, thanks to snow days; they won’t be finished until the 17th. Well, I say “finished,” but Gabe’s grade goes on a trip that day, and Sam’s school just has conferences that day, after an early dismissal the day before. We’re still riding hard for the finish line, at least in Sam’s case; he got behind again, so getting as much done in these last few days is pretty critical. We made some adjustments in the way we’re handling his ADHD, which I’m hoping will help, too. So hard dealing with a kid who’s so very, very bright and simultaneously so, so disorganized about so much. He turns thirteen next week, which is also making me do the puppy head-tilt thing. Five foot two inches of skinny, he is; he’s either got to start gaining some weight (the preferred option) or get a few inches taller, because sorting laundry is getting increasingly confusing as he and I start owning more and more similar shirts in the same size.

Almost as tall as a Dalek.

Almost as tall as a Dalek.

Oh, good grief. While I was typing, the draft syllabus for the above class got posted, with the rest of the assignments. Basically, four 5-7 page essays that I hope he explains a little better in discussion, because I can think of about three or four different ways to interpret these instructions. And no, not so much more challenging, just more time-consuming. And boring. Hurray. Need more coffee now…

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