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Nov 10

Skin in the game

Hand him a rake, and maybe he’ll care about the mess in the yard. When I decided to go back to school, to get my degree in library studies, the primary motivation in my head wasn’t simply that I had loved my previous tenure as a librarian and wanted to return to it. Oh, that …

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Jun 10

State of the…

I make a crappy college student. About a month into my summer break, with a few more weeks to go before the Double the Trouble, Double the Fun Summer Class Extravaganza starts, and I’m just over it. Antsy to get started again. Feel like I’m wasting time, somehow, in the grand scale. Maybe it’s because …

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Jan 15

All the sweet serenity of books

So this is ridiculous, I think we can all safely say. I mean, there can be debate about the purpose or use of the library itself today – not in my own mind, of course, but I’ve had more than one person remark about whether my going back to school to be a librarian is …

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Jan 02

In the bleak midwinter

“What rescue group considers bringing me to Wisconsin ‘humane’?” I’m just curious. I’m having a conversation with my best friend, who, though a couple of states away from me, also lives in the Midwest – the difference being that she grew up here, and I grew up closer to mid-Atlantic. We’re discussing a weekend road …

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Dec 31

Goodbye, Good Riddance, 2013

So I took some time off. Recapping all that stupid health stuff sort of…no, very much depressed me, and then it didn’t end up being over in the first place. Since I can already feel my stomach clenching at the idea of revisiting that fiasco in one big hunk, let’s just incorporate it, bit by …

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Jan 16

For me more than for you

Having a chair collapse under you isn’t nearly as funny as the slapsticks would have you believe.[/caption] Probably should have sensed the tone of the day when I went to stand on an old chair to retrieve the slow cooker (I never felt short until I was an adult, and I came to realize that …

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Dec 19

Someone keeps moving my chair

I have felt off-kilter for days now. A favorite teacher once sighed about me that I spent all my time running around “putting out little fires,” rather than just keeping fires from starting in the first place through better planning. I’ve never really gotten consistently better at that, though I have tried. Usually, it winds …

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Dec 13

Speed and Velocity

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. I like boot camp. Today, the best/worst part was probably the core work; the instructor had us alternating between pushups and bicycle crunches, starting with ten of each, then nine, then eight, and so on, without break. When we got down to one, we started working our way back …

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Dec 04

Which describes how you’re feeling all the time

6AM: the alarm goes off. Get out of bed immediately, hit the bathroom, slap in contact lenses. Fill laundry basket, take it downstairs, start a load. Make Sam’s breakfast, have it in his hand and him out the door by 6:30. Unload the dishwasher. Pour a cup of coffee. Sip it gratefully while doing Bible …

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Dec 03

I am not your broom

According to my dog, this mop is evil incarnate. Or made of something delicious. Possibly both. Somebody tracked something sticky into the kitchen. It’s not so clear-cut as a simple spill; no, it’s a series of small, extremely sticky spots, invisible, yet undeniable. I say “series,” mind, because the spots are spaced far enough apart …

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