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Dec 31

Goodbye, Good Riddance, 2013

So I took some time off. Recapping all that stupid health stuff sort of…no, very much depressed me, and then it didn’t end up being over in the first place. Since I can already feel my stomach clenching at the idea of revisiting that fiasco in one big hunk, let’s just incorporate it, bit by …

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Dec 31

It was the best of times…

January was about winter illnesses, board games and yoga, and trying to keep warm. February was about doldrums, which I seem to have dealt with by drinking lots of coffee and eating good food, much of which was prepared by my husband’s loving hands. In March, Eric went to Germany, and I started training for …

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Dec 15

Sing, sing, sing

Eric and I have been singing together in church choirs, on and off, for about fifteen years. We got “roped into it,” I should say, when we were students at West Virginia University and our beloved music composition professor was head of the choir at a small Episcopal church. Neither of us had any sort …

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Jun 20

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, Eric. 🙂 This morning, we gave you breakfast in bed, prepared by Gabe and me, and a colorful card that Sam made himself. (GABE: “Dad, did you like my card? Sam did most of the work, but I wrote my name.“) We’re all a bit beaten and exhausted from Sam’s birthday trip …

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Apr 24

And that’s not even talking about financial aid…

I’m reading Getting In right now, and it’s a really good read. It’s also making my stomach hurt. See, it wasn’t that long ago that I was panicking and frantically searching for hoops through which to jump in order to make sure Sam got into the “right” elementary school, whether it have been magnet, charter, …

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Jan 14

Completely unrelated

Apparently, it’s National Delurker Day. So, come out, come out, wherever you are. I’ll even give you a question to answer in a comment, to make it easier! Just something that’s been brewing in my head since I posted a group picture from my high school graduation, and a friend commented how we “thought we …

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Jan 03

Jiggety frigging jig

Ugh and oof. I really do prefer to come home from a vacation/trip to an at least somewhat tidy house, and there is nothing quite like returning home to a house that was apparently bombed with Christmas and then hastily abandoned for a couple of weeks. I sort of want to cover my head and …

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Dec 17


Not a lot of time tonight; I’m getting ready to head to a small gathering with my discussion group from MOPS. For some reason, I volunteered to bring an appetizer instead of wine or a dessert; I’m not an appetizer cook, but thankfully Eric was able to save my tail and whip up some of …

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Dec 13


I used to be such a night owl. Now it’s not even nine o’clock, and I’ve been watching episodes of Doctor Who with Eric on the computer, drinking a couple of glasses of Rioja, and I feel absolutely done in. Last night, the family got in from shopping around 6:45, and I packed us all …

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Sep 11

Of goat meat

Some days are so routine, you could probably get through them without ever even opening your eyes. You know what’s coming, you know how you’ll react when it does, and nothing unexpected musters the energy to crop up and surprise you. Today isn’t that day for me. For starters, it’s only Gabe’s second day of …

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