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Jan 17

What our words say about us

Apparently, sometime in the wee hours of yesterday morning, some avian creature met its demise in my backyard. Not that I’d know, of course; my personal knowledge come strictly from the news conveyed to me from my aghast and wide-eyed sons. Sam came running to the door to give me all the gory details – …

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Jan 16

Planning again

Sitting here with my little datebook in hand, making plans for races and training. It’s pickier when the races are shorter distances; there are more of them, so planning overlaps sometimes and needs tweaking, and the plans themselves involve speedwork, which then requires calculating the interval repeats into total mileage in my head to estimate …

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Jan 05

Bon matin (or something)

I am surprisingly not hungover this morning. I say “surprisingly” because the Orange Bowl was last night, and my beloved Mountaineers were up against Clemson, and I got this great idea from a sign outside a local restaurant that we would do touchdown shots when West Virginia scored. (One part Jäger, three parts Rumchata. You’re …

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Dec 31

Race Report: Run Into the New Year 5K (Or “It’s the End of the Year As We Know It”)

Unexpected, this, to place in my age group after a year of basically running longer-longer-longer and pretending that things like speedwork and track time didn’t exist. Of course, it helps when the race gives medals ten places deep in each age group, which is practically unheard of, but still. After no speed training for more …

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Dec 14

Wiped out

So tired. For some reason, with Eric out of town, I’ve felt compelled this time around to soothe my loneliness by filling All The Minutes with activity. Got a bug up my butt to clean the kitchen, and it sort of snowballed from there. I dunno. Plus, every time I get a “down minute,” my …

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Dec 12

“The Thing that Goes Wrong”

Never fails: Eric goes away, and something goes wrong. The car, or the heat, or a rodent intrusion, or getting locked out of the house my personal favorite, I think). Turns out this time, it looks like rotavirus (or some other stomach bug, but I heard that was the one going around). Sam woke up …

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Dec 01


Random thoughts: – It’s good when the forgetful child is old enough that, say, when he forgets until the morning before school to tell you that he needs an all-disposable lunch, you can stick a couple of bucks in his hand, point him toward the corner store, and say, “Run.” – Gabriel informs me that …

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Nov 25

More doctor fun

Had my follow-up check with my doctor this morning. As I suspected, the new doctor hadn’t given her the whole story; she was under the impression that I was still peeing blood when I showed up, which, yeah, would have totally warranted sending me to the ER. HER: “Blood in the urine is pretty bad…” …

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Nov 23

Recovery underway

I can walk down stairs forward-facing without first steeling my nerves against the first drop! 😉 Go, me! Actually, at this point, most of the ordinary muscle soreness has abated. If my shoulder and knee weren’t aching from the falls, I would almost certainly be gearing up to (slowly) trot through either the 2-mile or …

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Nov 22

JFK Aftermath

In retrospect, my mistake came when I decided that the need for expediency trumped the security of the familiar. (Or, “Carrie learns a valuable lesson about public perception.”) So I mentioned I hurt my shoulder, right? And that I was going to the doctor when I got home? Well, yesterday morning, I called my doctor’s …

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