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Nov 18

Falling toward a finish line

You know that sensation, where you’ve tripped, and you know intellectually that there’s absolutely no avoiding a major fall on your face, but that message hasn’t really reached your body yet, and you’re still churning your legs, trying desperately to keep them underneath you, as you stumble forward, forward, wincing and praying? That’s sort of …

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Nov 10

Skin in the game

Hand him a rake, and maybe he’ll care about the mess in the yard. When I decided to go back to school, to get my degree in library studies, the primary motivation in my head wasn’t simply that I had loved my previous tenure as a librarian and wanted to return to it. Oh, that …

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Nov 08

Saturday morning; post-conference hangover

I won these in the WLA silent auction fundraiser: framed prints of the British Museum’s reading room. I missed my Saturday morning group long run today; my throat is still sore and I still have a cough lingering from this week’s exertions at the Wisconsin Library Association annual conference. It was very interesting to compare …

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Jun 10

State of the…

I make a crappy college student. About a month into my summer break, with a few more weeks to go before the Double the Trouble, Double the Fun Summer Class Extravaganza starts, and I’m just over it. Antsy to get started again. Feel like I’m wasting time, somehow, in the grand scale. Maybe it’s because …

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May 13

Well, that sucked

Master of the Guilt Trip. Well, the original plan was to blog through school, keeping track of all I was doing and learning. Turns out that doing an MLIS is both very different from and yet somehow exactly how I recall grad school from the first time around. I do remember how I was pretty …

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