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Mar 06

Catching up, Part Two: The Conclusion (I mean it….)

So where were we? When I left off, it was Wednesday, the 27th of February, and I had a plan! I was going to the hematologist the next day, and if my hemo number was low again, that was all right, because he was going to give me more blood, and I was going to …

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…as the day is long…


– Ran 11 miles, half of which were cross-country and trail;
– Painted the basement walls
– Painted the porch pillar and the repaired tuck pointing in the foundation
– Mowed the lawn
– Repainted the bathroom door, where Gabe threw a fit and bashed it because Sam was taunting him on the other side
– Got stuck in traffic due to an incredibly bloated 5K being held downtown, directly in front of the church where the kids had play practice
– Felt like collapsing. Several times.

For the record, ventilation when painting is hugely overrated. The dancing spiders in the basement agreed with me, just before offering to choreograph me into their strange yet beautiful reel…

Nov 17

Two days until JFK


Jul 15

Darn scheduling

Just a quick note, with a grumble in the general direction of The Powers That Be at Eric’s job for not having concrete plans for the travel they’ll assign him this fall. 😉 (Sheesh, people; fall is right around the corner!) I will either be running the Haunted Hustle or the Rails to Trails marathon, …

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