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Dec 06

Somewhere, somehow, there will be Holidailies

You know, the annual community thing, where all the bloggers/journal-keepers/diarists/whatever-they-want-to-be-called folks come together and solemnly swear to try to update every day throughout the holidays, unless we get really busy or the eggnog is too good? Yeah? Been some confusion about where, who, and how it’s happening this year; there was no news at all, …

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Nov 24


Here’s the thing: the boys elected, when asked their opinion, to have a later Thanksgiving dinner today than an earlier one, so the meal preparation has been happening through the day, leaving me to wander through the kitchen, trying not to snack (oh, pearl onions; you seduce my heart completely) but contenting myself with sips …

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Nov 09

Messin’ with Me

SAM: “Mom, what’s ‘Jude’ about?” ME: “Um, letting her into your heart, and beginning to make it better?” Silence. I peek at him sitting on the couch, staring blankly, his Bible in his lap. “Oh. That ‘Jude.’ I was talking The Beatles.” More staring with the suggestion of long-suffering. I went toward the dining room, …

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Jun 06

Minneapolis Weekend – part one

Such a fun, packed weekend, it’s easier to split it into two blog entries. 🙂 I began calling it “The Weekend of Impossible Things” in my head, what with the flights and the race, but honestly, the flights probably couldn’t have gone any more smoothly. Eric dropped me off early at the airport on Friday …

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Feb 15

The way to a woman’s heart

   For Valentine’s Day, I got Eric a carry-on suitcase, since he travels so much for work and his current carry-on bag has a busted zipped. This one rolls and is much nicer. 🙂 He asked me whether I wanted him to get me a gift, and I told him no. This dinner, the one …

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Dec 31

It was the best of times…

January was about winter illnesses, board games and yoga, and trying to keep warm. February was about doldrums, which I seem to have dealt with by drinking lots of coffee and eating good food, much of which was prepared by my husband’s loving hands. In March, Eric went to Germany, and I started training for …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a very merry Christmas around here. 🙂 After opening presents, Eric made a bunch of eggs, bacon, and hominy; then, when things were dying down, I put on my new running jacket (in purple!) and went out for a seven-miler. My stomach gave me issues, being full of candy and kringle, but it …

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Dec 24

Reasons why today was better than yesterday

I had a nice run with my running club. Gabe, though continuing to feel intermittently nauseated, never threw up, and he felt well enough to go out with me as my lunch date. 🙂 Both boys went to bed without much argument at all, eager to be asleep before Santa gets here. The presents all …

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Nov 25

Happy Thanksgiving

For toes that healed enough to let me run. For lungs and heart that held their fitness while the toes were healing. For best friends who not only welcome you into their homes and family celebrations, but will run with you after a late night of partying and wildness. For partying and wildness and bad …

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Oct 21

Birthday week

So, six years ago today, I had a birthday with a newborn in my arms. Today, the newborn is somewhat different. (For that matter, as am I.) But the next to last week of October has been established, therefore, as Birthday Week for 50% of this household, the days of our birth being a mere …

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