Apr 01

Not a finish line

I spent a while talking to my coach yesterday after the run yesterday and tonight (texting: because talking all night on the phone would be just silly). So much of the difficulty of the run yesterday was mental, like I said, and not just in the ways I explained. There’s a fear there, I guess, …

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Mar 31


Happy Easter! Since this was our first Easter with a dog, we had to adapt the usual “It’s Wisconsin and freaking cold” living room egg hunt; he was antsy enough just watching the brief hunt for the boys’ baskets. Plus, had we missed finding a candy-filled egg, I’m sure Gideon would have found it… Church …

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Mar 27

For the love of…

You know, you’d think I’d know better that to call something “the conclusion.” Wednesday, 3/6: Laboring under the impression that I was all better, as the doctor had assured me, I went to the gym. Since it was the first time I’d been able to run in a month, I wore a heart monitor to …

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Mar 06

Catching up, Part Two: The Conclusion (I mean it….)

So where were we? When I left off, it was Wednesday, the 27th of February, and I had a plan! I was going to the hematologist the next day, and if my hemo number was low again, that was all right, because he was going to give me more blood, and I was going to …

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Feb 27

Catching up: a Timeline

For those of you who I don’t know in other capacities (real life, Facebook, etc.), a Thing has been happening. I’ve been a little occupied, and have only been able to update in spurts and bits, but now that I think I might, just might, have a moment or two to stop and breathe, I…find …

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Jan 28

New beginnings

It’s very grey outside right now, at a little past 7 in the morning. Been up since 6, getting Sam off to school, and even though the waking pace for me is slow, it could be slower; I was up at midnight with an upset stomach – my own, for a change – and am …

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Jan 21

I used to be good at titles

What is it with the compulsion to acquire all the books of a series when you own the first couple? (And don’t get me started on the little OCD-ish irritation at catching up to an author and being forced to buy hardbacks if you don’t want to wait for paperback. They don’t match. It hurts, …

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Jan 16

For me more than for you

Having a chair collapse under you isn’t nearly as funny as the slapsticks would have you believe.[/caption] Probably should have sensed the tone of the day when I went to stand on an old chair to retrieve the slow cooker (I never felt short until I was an adult, and I came to realize that …

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Dec 19

Someone keeps moving my chair

I have felt off-kilter for days now. A favorite teacher once sighed about me that I spent all my time running around “putting out little fires,” rather than just keeping fires from starting in the first place through better planning. I’ve never really gotten consistently better at that, though I have tried. Usually, it winds …

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Dec 16

Where was I? I forgot the point that I was making…

I think I can write again. I’ve spent the last couple of days beginning things such as, “Gabe had his first violin concert, unlike twenty kids in Conneticut…”, or, “Sam is at a holiday party, which won’t bring back babies to their moms and dads, or teachers to their families…”, or even, “Taking a few …

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