Just a quick and dirty list of races I’ve done, races I’m doing, and races I’d love to do in the near or distant future.

Finished (times refer to personal bests on that course):
Turkey Day Run 2Mi (Kenosha, WI) – 19:43
Independence Day Run 5K (Williamsport, MD) – 46:57; first 5K ever
Hank Aaron State Trail 5K (Milwaukee, WI) – 38:13 (with Sam!)
ACS Run for a Cure 5K (Kenosha, WI) – 27:15
Steve’s Encore 5K (Kenosha, WI) – 26:14, 3rd in age group
Komen Race for the Cure 5K (Milwaukee, WI) – 24:44
RACC Run Into the New Year 5K (West Allis, WI) – 25:25, 8th in age group
Smoke the Turkey 5K (Toledo, OH) – 23:42, 10th in age group PR
Run to Spring 5K (Mount Pleasant, WI) – 25:07, 3rd in age group
Blarney Run 5K (Wauwatosa, WI) – 25:44, 10th in age group
St. John’s Bunny Hop 5K (Racine, WI) – 38:29 (with Sam!)
UW-Parkside XC Classic 5K (Kenosha, WI) – 39:06 (with Sam!)
Steve Cullen Healthy Heart 8K (Wauwatosa, WI) – 54:01
Turkey Day Run 10K (Kenosha, WI) – 52:38, 6th in age group
WWFoR Zen Run 10K (Racine, WI) – 49:21 PR
Hot Chocolate 15K (Chicago, IL) – 1:22:17, 163/1193 in age group
Lighthouse Run 10Mi (Racine, WI) – 1:21:23, 2nd in age group
WWFoR Half-Marathon (Racine, WI) – 1:51:53
Mount Pleasant Half-Marathon (Racine, WI) – 1:46:43, 6th in age group PR
Lake Geneva Half-Marathon (Lake Geneva, WI) – 1:57:42, 5th in age group
Skeleton Skamper Half-Marathon (Mount Pleasant, WI) – 1:54:58, 5th in age group
Wisconsin Half-Marathon (Kenosha, WI) – 1:58:22, 59/243 in age group
Chicago Half Marathon (Chicago, IL) – 1:53:41, 104/1017 in age group in age group
Wisconsin Marathon (Kenosha, WI) – 3:54:19, 7th in age group PR
Marine Corps Marathon (Washington, DC) – 4:02:05, 203/1487 in age group
Green Bay Marathon (Green Bay, WI) – 3:57:45, 45/132 in age group
Haunted Hustle Marathon (Middleton, WI) – 4:00:16, 17/59 in age group
Team Ortho Minneapolis Marathon (Minneapolis, MN) – 4:30:44, 22/39 in age group
Dances with Dirt, Devil’s Lake, 50K (Baraboo, WI) – 6:47:15, 2/5 in age group
Lake Michigan Trail Marathon, 50K (Milwaukee, WI) – 5:47:50, 3/6 in age group
St. Pat’s 24-Hour Race, 6-hour (South Bend, IN) – 34.68 miles, 1st place (out of 1)
JFK 50-Mile (Hagerstown, MD) – 10:19:35, 38/86 in age group

Registered or planned to run:

Someday races:
Ice Age 50, both the relay and the ultra. (Seriously, I’ll put together a team! Who’s in?)
Fall 50, ditto. (Don’t make me beg?)
Ragnar Relay. (Rarrrrrrrr!)
Nike Women’s Marathon. Sarah already said she’d run it with me.
Peachtree10K Road Race, just to say I did.
Myrtle Beach Marathon. The way I see it, we make it a family vacation, and Cory can do the bike ride, and it’ll be awesome!
Disney Marathon, Goofy’s Challenge. A marathon and a half!

…and a bunch more that I have and will stumble across that will make my hamstrings twitch with excitement. Any suggestions?


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  1. Shelley

    One of my co-workers has done Dances with Dirt at least once, although I think he may have done the Hell one. I should hook you guys up. *g*

  2. Karen

    I could be up for a leg in some of those relays. I can’t promise speed, but I can be an able bodied runner!

  3. Carrie

    I don’t think I’d be in the competition to win, either. 😉 Doesn’t it look like fun, though?!

  4. Kate

    Give me til next season (or more) and I’ll run a relay ultra with you, depending on the leg length.

    Also don’t forget to add the Goofy Challenge at the Disney Marathon…someday. 🙂


  5. Kate

    Oh and also? Muddy Buddy.


  6. Carrie

    How could I forget Goofy!

    Kate, I’d love to see a list of your dream races. 🙂 Got a few Ironmen up your sleeves?

  7. Kate

    Dream races for me include the following: (keeping in mind that I’m a triathlete. Multisport is where it’s at, yo.) I also have a loose goal of doing a triathlon in every state of the US. So far, I’ve covered WI, IL and TX. This year I will cover MN and perhaps Iowa (Pigman!) and maybe Tennessee depending on my in-law’s schedule.

    1. Accenture Chicago Triathlon (international)
    2. Ironman. (Either IMOO or Lake Placid.) Just one. Unless I decide afterward to do more. Extension: Ironman Kona (via a lottery. No way will I ever qualify for Kona by time. If I’m going to die, I may as well do it in paradise.)
    3. Complete each of the races in the Danskin/Trek series (all sprints, but a great excuse for travel)
    4. Nike Women’s Marathon in SF
    5. Muddy Buddy (hee!)
    6. Horribly Hilly Hundred
    7. Escape from Alcatraz
    8. NYC, Boston, SF and Chicago Marathons
    9. CapTex (Capitol of Texas Triathlon) — international
    10. At some point, an Xterra Extreme or off road race involving kayak, mountain bike and trail run.

  8. Carrie

    Okay, so Kate, Sarah, and I need to plan to do Nike together, then! (Anybody else in?) I’ve told Eric I plan to, so it’s saving the money that’s my hurdle. 😉 And let me know what year you want to do Chicago, and I’ll do it that year, too.

  9. Carrie

    By the way, this is Sarah. Kate, meet Sarah; Sarah, meet Kate. 😆

  10. Karen

    If something is going on in San Fran, I am SO in.

  11. Lorma

    I can’t believe I remembered your blog name, but then you told that funny story of how if you just don’t enter it perfectly you get a whole other site indeed ! Carrie, when you get a second will you e-mail me. I had some questions about Chicago. You did it last year, yes? Did I hear you say you use the Hal Higdon plan? I was wondering which one. thanks !

  12. Anne

    Come to Sydney next year and do the City To Surf. It is an awesome 14k race that finishes at Bondi Beach. Unforgettable atmosphere and scenery. It is also the largest timed race in the world with over 75000 registered runners this year. It should be possible for you with your published times to get into one of the earlier start groups to avoid the crush up the back. Go on, have an unforgettable family holiday in Australia and visit the world’s best race. Next race in on August 8 2010. http://city2surf.sunherald.com.au/

  13. Yahoouj

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