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05/02/2002 Entry: "Depressed"

Can't remember whether I took my Zoloft last night. I don't often forget things like that, but I have no other explanation for this sudden, crushing sadness that's come over me in the past hour, for no reason at all. I'm having trouble focusing through the haze; I can't think straight or coherently.

Maybe I'm just tired; I spent the morning cleaning Sam's room, and my back and shoulders ache. Maybe I'm just lonely; it's been a week since I've spent time with any other adults, and Eric's going away on business in a few days. Maybe I'm just hungry; I haven't eaten yet today and nothing in the house looks good. Maybe I'm just frustrated; Sam's fallen multiple times today and is peeved and tearful.

But there have been a couple of good moments. Sam learned to climb up and down stairs this morning. He slept well last night, after enjoying his first taste of raspberry sherbet (Baskin and Robbins was having "Free Scoop" day). I found two adorable outfits, one warm and one cool, for his Dedication at church next week.

Well, I should go put Baby down for a nap, and maybe I'll take one myself. Perhaps that will help.

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Hope you feel better soon, Carrie...eating and sleeping will help, I'm sure :) Hugs!

Posted by Jo @ 05/02/2002 04:01 PM EST

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