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05/20/2002 Entry: "Giving in"

I hate to admit it, but the boy needs a haircut. It's really been in his eyes the past couple of days, and I think he'd be happier with a trim. I'll ask my friends where they take their kids for haircuts; Eric's eyes nearly popped out of his head when I suggested that I take Sam to my (not terribly inexpensive, but worth it) salon. In my defense, the hairdresser I use is one of the youngest and least expensive there, but I grasped Eric's point.

Waah! My baby's getting so big!

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My husband uses hair clippers on both himself and our two year old son. Allen cuts his hair shorter than our son, who finds the whole thing a giggly game. I think the clippers tickle when they buzz.

Posted by ashley @ 05/21/2002 09:41 AM EST

I couldn't. I'm horrible with that sort of thing. :-( I can't even cut my own bangs without making myself look like a circus freak. I'm wondering whether one of my friends might be able to cut his hair, though.

Posted by Carrie @ 05/20/2002 11:32 AM EST

Have you considered just trimming it yourself? It would be free and not all that hard, except maybe the part about keeping Sam still enough for a haircut!

Posted by Amy M. @ 05/20/2002 10:50 AM EST

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